About The Firm

How Our Firm Prosecutes Your Case

Our goal is to protect the interests of consumers by providing quality legal representation to our clients. Generally, unless otherwise agreed to, our clients do not pay us any attorney fees to take their cases. Rather, we seek to collect our fees from the defendant using fee-shifting statutes. In other words, we try to collect our fees on top of whatever claim for damages you may have. For example, even if your claim is only worth $10.00, if it involves a consumer fraud, the defendant may have to pay our reasonable fees and costs on top of your recovery.

Where We Can Prosecute Your Case

While for state court matters, our lawyers including Lance A. Raphael,  are only licensed in the State of Illinois, with the use of local counsel, we have prosecuted individual and class actions across the country. We currently have lawyers in our firm that are licensed in Federal courts in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.