Overcharges & Penalties

Often, the overcharges and penalties charged by companies are illegal:

You Should Not Pay Illegal Late Fees. 

If you paid a late fee on a video or cell phone, or for a cable bill, you may be entitled the return of your money, even if the contract says the company can charge for it. Late fees for credit cards and apartment rental properties are also suspect. You also may be entitled to more than the late fee back if the company does it to others. A five-dollar late fee for a pager may be illegal.

Did you know it might be an illegal penalty to charge late fees on rent or on condo assessments? In Hidden Grove v. Crooks, No. 3-00-0329 (January 29, 2001), the Court found that a provision in the bylaws of a condominium association that assessed late payment of $25.00 for each month amounted to an impermissible penalty and was unenforceable. There is no rational relationship between assessment and damages associated with the administrative cost of a late payment.

Credit Card Over the Limit Fees

Have you been charged an over-the-limit fee on your credit card? Such charges may have violated your rights under the law.

Cell Phone Scams

Did you sign up for cell phone service with a contract and buy a phone with Sprint, Singular, Nextel, AT&T or any other company based upon false promises of great service? Have you been incorrectly billed for service. Do you want to cancel service and are afraid of the penalty they will charge. We believe the penalty is illegal and you do not have to pay it. Call us and we will advise you of your rights and provide you with a letter to write to the phone company to quite and protect your rights.

Insurance for Catalog Purposes

Have you ever ordered from a catalog and been charged for insurance for mailing the package? Well guess what? Most deliveries for catalog merchandise are done by UPS, which automatically insures it deliveries for values up to $100.00. If you have paid for insurance on a purchase made through a catalog order, you may have been ripped off.