Bait & Switch

In a bait and switch, the seller advertises a product at an extremely low price, which entices people to come to the store, but surprise, when they try to make the purchase, they are told that the advertised product is not available. They are then shown a different product, which of course, is more expensive than the one advertised. Or in other cases, when the advertised product is available, they are told by the store that the reason it is so cheap is that it is not a very good product, and then the store person will try to sell the consumer a more expensive product.

Indications of A Bait and Switch

  • Refusal to sell or demonstrate advertised products
  • There is not an adequate supply of the advertised product, unless the limited supply is indicated in the advertisement
  • The salesperson criticizes the advertised product
  • The salesperson will not take orders for the advertised products

Bait and switch is an illegal and unfair practice. If you believe that you have been a victim of the bait and switch, please call us at (312) 782-5808 for a free telephone consultation.