Auto Fraud

Car Purchases or Leases

Some Issues Include:

  • You leased a car and the lease calls for “disposition fees” or “termination fees.”
  • You were charged VSI or Vendor Single Interest insurance on a car loan.
  • You had to pay for insurance on a car lease.
  • You had your car repossessed.
  • You purchased a car and the dealer “fudged” the amount of the down payment or the trade in value.

  • You were charged a vehicle disposal fee.
  • You buy a car with financing papers and the dealer then gives you the car. But a week later, the dealer calls you up and says you have to come back in since the financing did not go through, and give him a larger down payment or redo the financing papers. This may violate the law.
  • You responded to an ad advertising bad credit or no credit no problem.
  • You rented a car with insurance supplements as part of the deal.
  • You leased a car and when you turned in the lease, you had to pay fees you did not know where there.

Charged with Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance with Car Purchase

We are interested in talking to anyone who signs a contract for the purchase of a vehicle and was charged for credit life or credit disability insurance from the dealer.

Car Dealer Rebate Scam

You go to the car dealer and are offered a deal such as $700 cash back or 7% financing. You take the financing. The dealer does not calculate the 7% based upon the actual amount financed, but instead, on the principle amount of the car. Result: your disclosure statement is wrong and you pay more than what you were promised.